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new hard drive :)

/dev/disk1s6 25G 15G 10G 59% /
/dev/disk2s7 67G 67G 895M 99% /Volumes/Icebox
/dev/disk2s10 7.8G 5.3G 2.5G 67% /Volumes/Fridge
/dev/disk1s7 13G 4.9G 8.2G 37% /Volumes/Core
/dev/disk0s2 112G 14M 111G 1% /Volumes/deepfreeze

You may be thinking to yourself: what can he store now that he couldn’t before? Well, just to put this in perspective, here’s a few ideas:

-Roughly 120,259,084,288 digits of pi
-About 4,446,265 backup copies of this image
-14,000 more songs (assuming 8 MB a piece, my current average)

I already had two drives installed, so I moved the 80 up to the spot that the zip drive would be, had my g4 come with one; now there’s three drives total.

hoo ray :)

In other news, I should be moving very soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Fortunately, the process will be very short. After so much excessive moving of stuff in the past year, finally a move that will take about 25 minutes, tops. All I need in the short term is a desk…

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