Just put down a deposit on an apartment right next to Damon’s apartment (where I currently reside). It’s a spacious 1 bedroom with a pretty decent size kitchen and bath, plus a nice closet and decent storage space – 650 / month, right in the heart of Capitol Hill. I’m sure I’ll use that storage space some day… currently I have hardly any stuff at all (actually that’s kinda how I prefer it, but now I’ll be forced to get at least minimal furniture… currently I own only a chair).

The two guys moving out let me have a whole bunch of dishes and glassware for dirt cheap… probably $150 or so worth of things for $25. Sweet :)

It opens up on the first :) Best part: proximity to Damon’s… meaning that I’ll not have to walk far to hang / watch tv, etc… plus it’s plenty close enough to run ethernet so we can be on the same LAN and share DSL :)

Now I think I shall wind it down for the night… still sorta hopped up on quake3, but tv usually cures that right quickly :)

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