day 1 was fun

We went through the first 4 chapters pretty fast…. since this is a class of soon-to-be trainers, everybody’s pretty swift, so it’s going a bit faster than a normal class which might consist of a mixture of clewbies and non-clewbies. The training center setup is sweet… each desk has a dp800 mac os x server and an ibook (for client access). We started the day by netbooting the g4s and using this neat-o applescript to restore an os x server image prepared for the class… and now I know one of the reasons why gig e exists :)

The class is small – only about 8 or 9 of us. Since this class is so new (the final courseware isn’t even printed yet), we’ve got students from all over the place who will return to their respective locations to spread the knowledge…. one from Singapore, one from Australia, one from NYC, Chicago… etc. I’m proud to represent seattle :)

We knocked off around 5, then I caught a ride back to my room, chilled for a couple hours, then hooked up with this dude Jason from class. Grabbed some grub at Swingers, then bopped around the 3rd street promenade for a while… soaked up the scenery and such.

I’m currently typing on a CoolMac keyboard that’s pretty easy to roll up, completely water/coke/coffee proof, and extremely silent. Jason’s company makes them, and you should see them on the market before long. My typing error rate is a bit higher than normal… it does take some getting used to, I reckon… since there is no hard key action, I need to press keys a bit more directly than I do on my apple pro kbd… but all in all, not a bad piece of hardware for the price.

I think I shall get some tv lovin’, then crash out :)

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