to LA

On de plane…

So, finally found my first wireless network out in the wild. Well, okay… it was at the SeaTac airport. It gave me a DHCP lease containing an IP on the 63.125.5 network. I counted about 11 or 12 cisco IOS based devices on that subnet (judging from the telnet responce) which I presume are the wireless access points. I could port scan stuff on the ‘net, but not establish any TCP connections, so I’m not sure exactly how they were filtering the traffic (presumably for the purpose of charging for access ;), They didn’t bother to filter or block ICMP at all, though…. Whatever uplink they are using is pretty phatty, too… I managed to push about 650 KB/s of icmp to the ‘net :->

Supposed to arrive at LAX a bit before 8…

On the ground…

We got in almost an hour early (how does that happen, exactly?). Caught a shuttle to the Santa Monica Comfort Inn. QTSS sessions start tomorrow at 9 :)

For now, a spot of TV, then sleepages.

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3 Responses to to LA

  1. sporkly says:

    How long will you be down there?

    Hey, , I’m going to be in LA on June 8th and 9th, I think. Will you still be there right then?


    • dre says:

      Re: How long will you be down there?

      actually no… I’ll be here until friday, then it’s back to sea town.

      peash :)

      • sporkly says:

        Re: How long will you be down there?

        God! Your picture doesn’t look anything like you. Is that someone else put up to confuse the public? Oh well, said that mine looked like a cult leader.

        It turns out I’m not flying to LA anyway. I’ll see you when we get into Seattle on the 20th.

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