I happened to be digging through some old cds recently (I’m a packrat when it comes to data…), and I stumbled upon something I’d written about a couple years ago or so… It was intended as a user profile for a (somewhat exclusive, wink wink) BBS (FirstClass calls it a resume). Interesting perspective…

So, the resume. There was once a time when I spent a significant amount of time updating my resume every few days, but that time has long since passed. Or has it? Here I am, after all.

Because this is all highly illegal, I don’t think I’ll get into anything identifiably personal, such as my name, where I live, etc, etc. I’m a 21 year struggling to get out of a suburban nightmare. I like to think that someday all of these tribulations of mine would make a fine book, but I’m not yet sure if it would be a commedy, a tragedy, or a drama – probably all of the above.

One thing is for sure. While a healthy outlook on life is important, it takes more than that. It might sound like I know the “secret to success”, but really, I don’t. I only know what *doesn’t* work. The basic qualities of laziness, uncertainty and poverty mixed in with a little bad luck can create amazingly intricate socio-economical clusterfucks, in the wallows of which I squirm like a horse caught in quicksand.

At least it’s not a boring life, though. I get to play with reasonbly cool toys, even if fate won’t let me own any myself. Life on the lamb definitly keeps the blood flowing, as I’ve discovered lately. The unlimited possibilities of online life monopolizes most of my time, but that’s nothing new. My current work schedule doesn’t really allow for too much tedium, unless of course you consider sleep boring :P All of that coupled with spontaneity and occasional recklesness keeps things generally interesting.

In the big picture, I’d have to say that I’m content with myself as a person at this point, even if not with my current situation. Situations can be remedied, though, which is what occupies my thoughts frequently (but generally not until I’m trying to fall asleep). So there you have it; perhaps my shortest resume ever – in 5 paragraph essay form, no less ;)

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