Traffic Shaping with pfSense and HFSC

Traffic Shaping with pfSense and HFSC (youtube)

This screencast demonstrates the use of a pfSense device for traffic shaping on a typical home network, with the goals of minimizing latency and maximizing throughput. In particular, we use a three-tier queue configuration where a parent speedboost queue on each interface contains leaf queues that catch all the traffic. The speedboost queues use HFSC’s non-linear service curve to match the behavior of the comcast speedboost. The leaf queues are configured to partition the available bandwidth, and automatically allow ‘borrowing’ when there is no contention.

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Installation / Setup:
Traffic Shaping:

In a future video, I will go into more detail about how the sharing happens when there is contention, and some additional techniques for testing these usage patterns.

Feedback is welcome! Especially from people who know more about this stuff than I do…

Here’s the slide deck.

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