I forgot to localize an image in this post, instead linking directly to it… I know better, but I guess not that time. Anyway, of course now it’s gone… and so I’ve had to delete it and then retroactively re-title this post. It was a dilbert cartoon about sucking at business and getting government bailouts. Anyway, on with the original content:

The united states might be on the fast-path to badness, but personally I’m doing well with my no debt, no stock market holdings, and fun job in sunny california. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying being seduced by "the left coast", blaming america first, and hanging on obama’s every inspiring and hope-laden word. Of course, I must vote for him as dictated by the intersection of my age, state of residence, and industry of occupation. I mean, that’s just how it works, right!? Or maybe I must vote Democrat because it’s the opposite of voting Republican? No, it’s because I’ve voted democrat in the past… wait, no… it’s because… I HONESTLY BELIEVE the statements of a politician, but only if it’s a democrat? hmm…

Pardon my indignant french, but this is all bullshit. Personally, I don’t expect a critical mass of people to realize the bullshit, given how stupid this country’s population is. Yeah, maybe that makes me an elitist prick, but I won’t apologize for it! Wake me up when half the nation realizes that the earth wasn’t created in its current form 10,000 years ago by a god.

Seriously though… why does any thinking person trust any politician who doesn’t legitimately earn that trust? Stockholm syndrome, anyone? I abstain!

In other news, these things are amazing!

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