Seattle, WA has more elevation changes than Cupertino, CA. Last thursday, while riding my bike home from 15th (capitol hill), I hit a huge pot hole while going downhill, kinda fast. Front wheel went down in it – loud metallic BRRANG as the bike vibrated from the force of the impact with the road; I come to rest in a single moment of impact (no sliding); some lady who saw it yells “aow mai guawd aah you aowkaay?” in a nice bostonian. I managed a VERY strained “I think so”, but it was several minutes before I could stand up, even with the moral support from several other passers by. Yadda. The right arm has been mostly out of commission for the last week; as it turns out, I use that one for a lot of stuff. Anyway, no breakages, just bruises and a bunch of swelling about the elbow and wrist areas. As of recently I can rotate my wrist enough to use a keyboard for shortish periods of time without too much discomfort. It’ll probably be another couple of weeks at least before I regain full range of motion.

Couldn’t have happened at a better time, though. Seriously. I’m self-unemployed, with no real responsibilities to speak of. It’s nice :) My roommates have been graciously helping out with some two-handed manual functions, such as opening food or drink items, or tying my shoes.

Other things:

* Checking out Command and Conquer 3; it’s cool. Mostly I’m doing this because:
* I haven’t played WoW since I left CA. It itches, but I kinda wanted a break, if not a complete ceasing of play. I may get back into it if I can keep it to a reasonable time commitment. It’s not really the game itself I miss as much as my guild. I imagine it’s the social hooks that keep a lot of people playing more than any other single factor.
* I’m not looking for work yet, though I have been occasionally thinking about what I might do. No firm ideas yet.
* My brother is kinda going nuts on the local music scene, championing a newish (sub?) genre called dubstep. Check it.

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