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Saturday, I went to a housewarming at Nick and Kori’s new place in south SF. The trip out was somewhat adventurous. I tried to be all efficient and walk a straight line from the Bayshore Caltrain to their place… well, that took me back and forth behind what appeared to be a junkyard in nearly complete darkness (enough to actually get me to take my headphones off!) looking for a clean path. There wasn’t one, so I stumbled across an uneven vacant lot, hopped a fence…

… and then walked through quasi-ghetto for about a mile. I arrived without incident, but it definitely wasn’t boring.

Fun times and good conversation were had at the party. Geeks, scientists, and seamstresses were well represented. Never thought I’d have the chance to quiz two post-docs about what they hope to gain by studying A1 supernovas. There were also some tasty Irish Car Bombs, and we even made it to ‘silly hats’. I got Canada (not that Canada is silly, but me wearing a Canada hat is… especially when the picture is lined up just right so it looks like there’s an umbrella sprouting out the top…)

Spent the night, and thanks to the water fairy, wasn’t totally wrecked this morning. Chillin / coffee / music / SouthPark / pizza and salad –> taxi –> (two minutes late to the) Caltrain. All in all, this weekend provided good encouragement to visit SF more often (this was only my 4th trip in the 9 months I’ve been here).

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