New Boards Of Canada release. It’s good.

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8 Responses to New BOC

  1. jen_sandwich says:

    yeah, we heard it was bad but haven’t heard it for ourselves yet. we need to give it a listen here!! me & brad both love them.

  2. nightplayer says:

    When groups like this let so much time lapse between full releases, they always run the risk of their listeners getting too accoustomed to an old sound. Geogaddi was excellent. I think this one’s phenomenal as well!

  3. nightplayer says:

    Holy shit, I was just that douchebag that replied to some stranger’s comment instead of the entry! I’m sorry! Augh!

  4. pepelepeuuu says:

    Boards of Canada remixed Beck’s Broken Drum on his Guero Album. The song is already incredible, but BOC added things just in the right spots.

    I’lll give it a listen….

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