reasonable people

I finally bought the upgrade.

Now that LJ supports tags, I think I’m going to start logging new tracks here. Sorry :P

7-5-05 and 10-26-03 are the two vignettes for show and tell today. As you might have guessed by the date, that second one’s been sitting around a while.

It’s a very worthwhile upgrade, all in all. Specifically, the mastering suite is encouraging me to dig up old tracks and make them sound decent. It was always sort of a pain to get really decent level out of Reason, for one, er.. reason or another. Now, just drop in the mastering combi and you’re pretty much good to go, without even adjusting anything.

Also, the new combinator device has finally encouraged me to start creating patches – combi patches. I never really spent a whole lot of time building instruments or sculpting the sound, but now that I can save and recall arbitrarily small or large configurations of different devices, it’s become a lot more fun to do exactly that.

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  1. osmundaceae says:

    I really like the recent track – very lush but intricate. I look forward to hearing more!

  2. integ says:

    That’s the main reason I dropped Reason entirely, is that everything produced in it…well…just sounded like Reason. It ceased to be inspring for me. I’ve read about Reason 3’s mastering suite but haven’t messed with it at all. The combinator also looks pretty compelling. If only they’d offer up audio unit support within Reason and allow for a plug-in architecture, it would become *such* a helpful tool. I’ve got Reason 2.5. Do you think this was worth the upgrade?

    Okay that out of the way, I dig your stuff here Dre. I like the sudden manic tempo change in the 7-5 piece, followed by the just-as-sudden jump back to the original stuff. Unexpectedly cool!

    The piece from 2003 sounds like an Atari 2600 went on a rampage and this was the result. Good times indeed! I love those old school analogue sounds.


    • dre says:

      For me it was indeed worthwhile, but remember that Reason is really the only tool I use. I have flirted with Garage Band, but… well, you know… she’s the one-night-stand type. For a casual reason user, I might think a few times before dropping the $130.

      AU support would be pretty dope, but I think that would force them to actually use Apple’s audio / midi frameworks, and in my estimation, part of their success is due to them NOT doing that. Sure, they’re decent now, but Reason was pumpin’ out the jams way back in OS 9. It’d still be nice though :)

      Glad you dug the two items.

      • lenox says:

        Good stuff. I’ve been meaning and meaning to post my stuff but since I’d say there’s none of my songs that are anywhere past the 50-70% complete mark (save for the zombie song), so I am a bit scared to do that. However, maybe feedback is what I need. post a few snippets, see what people think about them, and get a better idea of what to head towards.

        • dre says:

          Yeah. I’ve noticed that different people seem to have different amounts of desire to share their work. Almost every time, if I put some significant amount of creative effort into something, I want to give people the opportunity to experience it – even if I think they might not like it. I can’t really explain it, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense… I like compliments as much as the next guy, but when I’m actually making something, all I care about is what *I* think of it (selfish, I know, but… I think I’m allowed that for a personal hobby ;) So, if you want to unleash sounds upon other ears, I’m game :)

        • lenox says:

          Yeah, I mean…these songs aren’t done…they will be in a period of months (I don’t plan to lay the vocals down until august/september….so I’d just be looking for feedback as to the mix, or the songwriting in general.

          The reason I bring this up is that, the other day for the first time, I played 100% my own material on stage and got some great applause for some songs even though it was completely impromptu…but other songs didn’t really excite people…so it’d be a nice way to find out my strengths I guess.

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