reasonable people

I finally bought the upgrade.

Now that LJ supports tags, I think I’m going to start logging new tracks here. Sorry :P

7-5-05 and 10-26-03 are the two vignettes for show and tell today. As you might have guessed by the date, that second one’s been sitting around a while.

It’s a very worthwhile upgrade, all in all. Specifically, the mastering suite is encouraging me to dig up old tracks and make them sound decent. It was always sort of a pain to get really decent level out of Reason, for one, er.. reason or another. Now, just drop in the mastering combi and you’re pretty much good to go, without even adjusting anything.

Also, the new combinator device has finally encouraged me to start creating patches – combi patches. I never really spent a whole lot of time building instruments or sculpting the sound, but now that I can save and recall arbitrarily small or large configurations of different devices, it’s become a lot more fun to do exactly that.

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