A year

Happy new year everybody :) Much love and big ups to friends and fam, near and far. I hope you are enjoying the yule. For me, this new year’s eve was fairly quiet compared to those of recent years, and was spent on Eastlake with Damon and Amanda. Always good times :)

In the spirit of long and boring year-end posts, I hereby direct your attention to somebody else’s blog. This is just the executive summary.

Notable accomplishments for ’04 include:

  • basically more of the same, which for this year is fine
  • getting Amy up to seattle
  • Continued (and, dare I say, enjoyable) progress in the do-it-yourself school of career training. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here yet, but I was asked to write for an upcoming O’Reilly book about Mac OS X Server, which will be my first work officially published in print (should ship around March).
  • continued (and quite enjoyable) progress with making music (note: ok, actually a bunch of notes ;)
  • getting NG up to seattle from san diego. we’ve sorta gone our separate ways, but it was fun while it lasted, and I think she’s much happier here
  • getting my brother out to seattle from PA. Before a few months ago, we hadn’t really been around each other much since about ’96 I guess. To my initial surprise, we actually get along quite well now.

I can’t think of any major regrets from the past year… not that I didn’t screw up once or twice, but… that’s life ;)

… and what’s coming for ’05?

  • I’m not going to give it away, but it will totally rock :)

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