Holiday spirit

In the spirit of the holidays, I want to make sure that every drives safely :)

andre@core[~]cat <<EOF >> ~/.zshrc
echo "are you drunk? y/n"
read drunk
if [ $drunk = "y" ]
alias rm="echo 'you drunk bastard, you should not delete'"
alias mv="echo 'you drunk bastard, you should not move'"

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2 Responses to Holiday spirit

  1. natan says:

    WARNING: This assumes that you’re telling the truth when you’re drunk (big assumption) and that if you’re drunk, that you can parse the sentence and correctly hit the y key and the return key. :)

    • dre says:

      I forgot, you college kids always drink to excess :P

      You’re right, though. Maybe I’ll add a usb urine tester + driver in the next rev… I heard biometrics was the wave of the future, anyway :)

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