Just another update….

Nothing important has happened, don’t worry ;)

-Letting the beard out
-Rocking panther server. I am gearing up to start a web log centered around panther server. Tips/workarounds/potholes/how-to’s… the usual
-Traveling incessantly to portland and back to teach apple’s various tech training courses. I think this is the 4th week in a row.
-Tonight I had Wendy’s and a few slugs off a large bottle of white zin. Oh boy.

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I like all kinds of food.
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4 Responses to Just another update….

  1. inflammatio says:

    But letting the beard out is important!!

  2. skylyric says:


    yeah, can we get a pic o’ the beard? pretty please?

    miss you! *hugs*

    as always,

    • dre says:

      Re: doot

      As requested:

      And just in case you were wondering, no I did not invest in an unsightly hotel curtain. Rather, I hail from the Portland, but then I think I mentioned that :)

      • skylyric says:

        Re: doot

        good golly you are a hairy beast these days! wonder what it’d look like if you didn’t shave yer neck, either. *pictures it, squinty-eyed* hm… well, i like it. :) see yeh’ve grown out the top a bit, too. *surveys again*

        danke and hugs,

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