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Returned from Portland… enjoyable trip, nice and relaxed. Tomorrow night is a squarepusher show I’ve greatly anticpated… exciting :)

Got asked today if I could teach for apple in Cupertino next week, presumably filling in for somebody (generally they give more than two days notice). I have nothing on deck for next week, plus I usually like hanging out down there, so I of course agreed to do it :)

only problem is, two weeks in a row on this 500 ibook wears me down… I’m starting to look at possibly trading up, seing as how the trade-in values offered by my company aren’t so bad, and there are refurb ibooks and such to be had…

apparnetly NG took it upon herself to clean the cruft out of this place, so that’s cool :)

went out to dinner with verso and meanwhilepdx thursday night… good times, as usual :)

for now, I’ll enjoy a comfortable evening at home and rest up. the tv in the hotel kept me up past 12 each night, so I want to catch up on the sleep a bit :)

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