another list of things

  • Splitting town tomorrow for Cupertino to deliver the Mac OS X Server Administration and Integration course for apple.
  • Took the Mac OS X Administration and Integration certification test last week and killed it with a 97% (yay)
  • Was invited to participate in a conference call regarding a new course they’re rolling out which focuses on troubleshooting Mac OS X – once I particpate, I should be certified to deliver this 3 day course
  • pizza is good, too
  • watched a bunch of Ali G last night over at blackmagic‘s casa with inflammatio and b0rked… good times indeed :)
  • replaced my Dr. Bott 4 port USB KVM with an iogear gcs1714 that I bought from blackmagic. Works great! This one does the keyboard / mouse emulation, so I can boot a machine without having my console switched to it, and it still comes up thinking that it has video, etc…
  • been messing around with the airport extreme snmp MIBs, trying to make sense out of some of the undocumented things (which is almost all of it… at least, undocumented by apple… it stands to reason that perhaps they’re not responsible for documenting other company’s technologies, but still.. can I get a link, a blurb… something! ;). I can reliably get ips / MAC addys of connected clients, and generally useful things such as byte / packet counts per interface, etc… but I also would like the wireless link testing stuff… i.e. signal strength per client, etc. NAT table entries would totally kick ass, but I don’t have my hopes up for that one
  • enjoy the nice weather, fellow seatleites :)

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