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Today’s events:

Day 1 of the QTSS class, which went well. I hit a couple snags early on, but it’s stuff I remembered us having to deal with during the training session back in May, so what could have been annoyingly difficult obstacles instead were instructor-led troubleshooting / learning sessions :) If I had taken better notes in May, I would have had it all in black and white, and I probably wouldn’t have had that instant of creeping despair (when nobody could hit their apache server from their client machine, for example), but I can usually depend on myself to either remember key details or work around a problem on the fly… heh. In that particular case, it was a “default settings” type problem where apache was telling connecting clients that its address was the loopback…

Ate lunch at the bottom of the Citigroup building with the folks from class. One of the dudes has been working for apple for like 10 years, and is a true Final Cut Pro god. Got some good ancillary info today just as part of regular discussion, but it’d sure be nice to be able to watch him work with FCP for a few minutes.

After class, I hung out a bit in the training center, trying to get suggestions of things to do from people… I got directions to two different bars recommended by gren, and also noted the location of the Soho Apple store. Grabbed a train downtown and found the apple store pretty quickly… it’s a bit off the beaten path, but really quite impressive. I took a few seconds of video while there. I then continued my trek, intending to visit both of the bars, neither of which I could find at the supplied locations… heh. Alas, I was happy just walking around.

Unfortunately I didn’t get too much street freak action, although at one point there was this scraggly lady who looked 50 but was probably 35 (and strung out) holding up two dog-eared, highly used desk lamps… small ones. She said to all who passed: “bowf lights for fiteen dolla”, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Got a kickass cuban sammich for $5.45, something I’ve been craving for some time. I don’t think cuban sandwiches exist in Seattle.

Tomorrow I hang with billa from #macz / newnet… haven’t met him in person, tho we’ve been acquainted for several years now. Was supposed to hook up for macworld 2000 (which was the last time I was here), but it fell through.

Last but certainly not least, big ups, mad props, and shout-outs to Steve and Victor for their rapid and helpful support as of late in my QTSS training endeavors. We’ve got a nice mailing list for the QTSS trainers and have been seeing fair volume lately, which is good considering that we’re still a pretty small group.

… and while I’m handing out the praise, more for blackmagic for getting me hooked on the Aphex ambient stuff… I like it a little bit more each time I listen.

*yawn* … sleepy

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