The following report shows your performance in each section of the exam:

Bridging & Switching:       80%
OSI Model:                  100%
Routed Protocols            70%
Routing Protocols           88%
WAN Services                66%
Network Management          100%
LAN Technologies            100%
Cisco & Networking Basics   85%

Passing Score:              849 / 1000
Your Score:                 898 / 1000

Yay! No more studying!

I don’t think I’ll be attempting anything beyond this CCNA cert for a while… it’s at once draining and satisfying… totally glad it’s over :)

… back to seattle :)

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2 Responses to woop!

  1. lenox says:


    I knew you’d do it! Here’s to bigger and beastier things!

  2. b0rked says:

    duuuude, right on. now you can show off all your fancy pants certification-backed networking knowledge to me :)

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