Slippery Rock, Pennslyvania

That’s where my grandparents live. They moved out here right about when we (my mom, dad, and very young brother) moved down to Florida from PA some 20 years ago. Up until about 5 years ago, I’ve been coming up here every summer for as far back as I can remember.

So now, laying in the same bed I’ve slept in over the years while visiting, it’s impossible not to think about where I’ve been and how things have changed, and also where I’m going. This place is one of the very few things that’s been consistent over the years, but it too has evolved… no more garden out by the shed (too much work, too few results ;), constant supply of new pictures of aunts, uncles, cousins strewn about, memento of a large and healthy family… now there’s a computer where the tv used to be in the guest room. Even with all that, though, it still feels the same. The same dinner plates and drinking glasses, the same front and back porch, the same light on top of the shed out front, casting it’s old familiar pale shadow through the slited blinds into the guest room…

I’ve always enjoyed being here. It is, I believe, the most peaceful place on the planet. There’s always good food to eat, always comfortable blankets at night. Never any rush… “easy does it”, as granddad says. That’s not to say that it’s boring. Usually my visits here would last several weeks, and I’d go fishing with granddad once or twice a week (he usually goes every day when it’s warm). It’s funny, because these days you wouldn’t ever catch me fishing… and I still don’t think it’s all that “interesting”, but something about going out on his small bass fishing boat at the crack of dawn to the lake at Moraine State Park… I don’t know, it’s just so incredibly tranquil. Then there’s the Stanley’s, across the street. Three girls, right around the ages of myself and my brother, so there was always good times hanging’ with them.

More recently, I’ve begun to realize how cool my grandparents are. Despite some heart problems, they’re both quite healthy and take care of themselves well, and don’t look nearly as old as they are. I think I inherited a lot of really good genes from them, too. My grandmother has quite the ear for music… always humming harmonies to this and that. Since I was very young it was clear that I’ve got innate ability in that department as well… thanks grandmom :) My grandfather is an incredible technician; he was an instructor in the Marine Corps school of mechanics (went on to head up the entire school, eventually being the guy that researched / reviewed all new material before it got published). About a year ago, one of my uncles brought him a computer, and basically just dropped it off… no lessons, no how-tos, nothing. Granddad started from ground zero, finally figured out how to double click, and is now sending email and surfing the web like a champ :) As in any technical endeavor, it’s just about logic and process; I’m pretty sure I’ve got some kind of abilities there as well… Thanks granddad :)

I never really paid too much attention to my “roots” growing up… just sorta took the solid foundation for granted. Now, however, I’m realizing more and more how fortunate I am to have had such a good upbringing with such excellent influences.

I’m here until Tuesday, and I will most definitely enjoy staying here, as always. My step dad has surgery tomorrow… fairly major, but he’s in good health and it shouldn’t be complicated or touchy. Mom got a couple / few days off later this week, so we’ll have more time to hang before I split on Saturday. Of course, I’m scintillating with anticipation of returning to seattle, re-uniting with damon (and all my other seattle based friends), and embarking once again on endless chains of good times :)

In the short term, looking forward to a nice hot bowl of oatmeal with raisins in about 9 hours or so :)

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  1. inflammatio says:

    beautiful post. i should appreciate my roots more. but then….last time i saw my only living grandfather, in kansas, thxgiving 2000, he tried to “teach” me how to play some windows card game; he’d play five games, then he’d say, “ok, now it’s your turn,” and then i’d take a stab, then it’d be his turn for four or five more games. ;-]

    we friggen can’t wait for you to arrive in the emerald city. you know, the wonderful land of oz, or whatnot. hmmm…maybe where dorothy landed was seattle.

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