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Starting tonight, each of the newest lj posts will be embedded in my site, www.dreness.com (incidentally, this isn’t a shameless plug… the site hasn’t seen a whole lot of updates; this is a lazy man’s attempt to keep it phresh ;) The lj support page has some great docs on how to do it using a variety of methods… I opted for javascript for simplicity’s sake, though I’ll do it with php eventually so that it’s completely serverside… (so all of you with pre 2.0 browsers won’t miss out ;). I’ve created a new lj style that is heavily simplified which is used for the content that’s embedded in my site… the only clue that it’s from lj at all is the “current mood, current music” bit… decided to leave that in. Decidedly out, however, are the links to user comments… so you can all continue to be your lewd and lascivious selves without fear of having your tomfooleries being seen by the millions of people that visit my website every day…

In other news, I’m probably heading out to nico / steph’s pretty soon… I found cheap airfare, too. Tomorrow I’ll figure out how I want my stuff shipped so I can let rob know + give him some monies.

That is all :)

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2 Responses to Embed action

  1. lenox says:

    i’m sorry i am being such a stick in the mud about everything….
    i am just not capable of doing anything i want to right now :-(

    anyone who wants to hear my bitchy complainings of reasons can read my journal, hehe….

    it sucks, as i’d love to get to spend some more time with ya and actually do you the favor of being the wheelman to gren/steph’s, i’d also love to meet them in person finally….

    one day, one day :-)

    • isteph says:

      yes!@#!@ one day! or else: i <3 kick j00r booty

      but its ok that you can’t come up right now–we all know that things don’t always work out the way you planned hehe BUT! wherever there is cool music, there is a concert to go to! (so what are you doing in april? ;)

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