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So, I was playing with itunes one evening when I noticed that you can specifiy a track start / stop time down to 1/1000th of a second resolution. Enable the crossfade, set to 0 seconds, toss some tracks together, tweak the shit out of the times… it’s possible to get things to hook up pretty well. During the process, I happened upon the idea of creating sort of a collage that conveys my musical tastes in a succinct format. Originally I planed to do the whole thing in iTunes, and in fact ended up with something that sounded pretty decent. The problem was the inability to export it… there’s no export plug for iTunes, and I could loop the g4’s audio out to the line in, but the cpu overhead of the recording application caused the track segs in itunes to get delayed by prescious 10th’s of a second. When I tried to line out from the ibook, I quickly discovered that the ibook’s disk i/o prevents the segs from occuring as quickly as they do on my g4… so I finally ditched iTunes and used an actual editor.

The final product is just over 10 minutes, and it pretty much runs the gamut… it’s a 256 Kbit mp3, about 18 megs… This one goes in my media vault ;)

the taste test

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