an afternoon with imovie…

Spent a few hours last Sunday hanging @ trellis bay with Jeremy at his surf shop / cybercafe. He’s a pretty hip dude, and recently got himself a new iMac and a DV cam. Naturally, I took a few minutes of video home with me on my ibook, picked some music, and later that afternoon, came out with this: This one’s about 36 MB… I’m in the process of posting another 160 MB version encoded with the Sorenson codec… plays a bit more smoothly :)

I’m going back down there for new year’s… there’s some festitivies planed :)

Today I got from my co-workers:
– a phat-ass CyberTool (think swiss army knife for today’s geek)
– the optional AV cable that doesn’t come with the new iBooks. We watched 4 episodes of southpark today :)

Happy holidays, all :)


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