After another two days of moving and shaking, the contents of container #2 are unloaded and in place. This means we finally have all of our stuff… personal effects as well as the office equipment, and other niceties like appliances (fridge / freezer, washer, drier, gas range). We’ve got more desks and chairs than we could possibly use… sort of a long story how we came to have them, but the short of it is that it was salvaged from a failed business venture.

We own this container, so we had to store it someplace… in previous pictures, you may have noticed us laying down blocks on which to rest the container. That is where it now sits, but getting it up there was somewhat adventurous. By the time we got it unloaded here at the house and the truckers came back with their crane truck to bring it to the storage site, it was almost dark. Finally get up there, and the semi with the container couldn’t back up to where the container was to rest, on account of a rather muddy grade. The crane truck made it just fine, though… in fact, needed to go first as it was situated back and to the right of where the container is now…. so the trucker and his two dudes hoisted the back of the semi up to the crane and pulled it up the hill. Seeing a large tractor trailer fishtailing backwards up a muddy slope, being pulled by a large crane was kinda cool… for a brief time I was convinced that they’d smash our rental car in the process, but they didn’t even come close.

In other news, the webcam is back online! woo! It’s running off of llariot, just like it used to. Once the OS X drivers come out for the iBot, I’m gonna pick up one of those…

Also, new pictures tonight.

it is getting late so I think I’m gonna crash soon, tho I do somewhat lament being even worse than an EST llama now that I’m 4 hours ahead of PST…. makes it tougher to keep in touch with folk back west…. it is kinda cool when we come back from the beach and are all kicked back and people over there still have hours left to work ;)

feh… couldn’t post until this morning due to some power “outage” at internap… heh

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