So, rob just got back from some meetings in town with various folks, and things are looking *very* good for us. We basically have the double-thumbs-up, green-light, holy-shit-you-guys-rock go ahead at this point… just waiting for a few more formalities to get finished up… I suspect we’ll order our containers soon, as well… god damn, can’t wait for that :)

“January 1, ’02, we’re gonna rock the shit out of this place”, rob, 4:35 p.m., 10/11/01

so he’s taking us out for dinner tonight to celebrate :)

I’ve been working on some text for the website… some of the customer-facing, “this is what this is, this thing works like this, we do it like this cause it’s good”… etc, etc, etc…

We’re sliding into a comfy routine with the four of us and our respective tasks and such…

in other news, we’ll probably end up paying more rent to use this place to “operate our business”… not like we’re running a store front or anything, but the land family (yes, it’s a family affair) sorta freaked out when some lease ammendments were made to try to secure our abililty to run a business without incuring extra rates… sorta backfired.

also, I’ve got a bunch of pictures to upload… c&w’s dsl is sucking that ass right now, tho, so I can’t quite upload at current… ah well, later tonight :)

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