the march continues…

it’s’ all happening rather quickly. I’ve only got a little over two weeks left in Seattle, and things are super busy with work. There’s much to be done… much that has been done, much that is being done… I was remarking to blackmagic last night that one of the interesting things about moving so fast is that this won’t take very long at all. In three months, our network will be fully operational, and humming along smoothly… I’ve been putting in some good hours recently, but I really feel like I’m just getting warmed up. We’ll have something of a commune situation going for a while once we get there, so I’ll be working, eating, sleeping islandless, which is I think what it will take… actually, that’s probably not true…. I’ve heard of deployments similar to ours, and the technology is so robust that you can often times afford to be sloppy… but that’s not what we’re about… I really feel compelled to make things as tight as possible… after all, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Since this is the biggest / coolest thing I’ve worked on to date, I want to make sure it’s the best it can be. I’m confident :)

Spent some good hours rapping with blackmagic last night, after a somewhat uncomfortable experience that I’m at least partly responsible for (sorry about that… :/ ). I’m going to make an effort for my last two weeks not to just like… come back to the pad after a long day of work, crash out, wake up and leave for work, repeat, repeat, rinse. I want to spend time hangin ‘ with folks before I roll outta here.

today is more range testing… the tour director is on his way over with the gear… heh. this is fun :)

She sent me some wonderful mail today – like actual physical mail… thank you :) I feel truly privileged to even know her… but this… this is just fantastic :)

love is amazing :)


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