here we go…

So… amazing times :) I’m about to leave for a trip that may very well represent the best week of my life…

I’m flying to Florida to visit her. It’s been about two years since we’ve seen each other… and this is all sounding pretty bland so far. There’s no way I can capture all the things going on in my head and distill, it into a few paragraphs… too much history involved for that. Honestly, I feel way to preoccupied to write, but this is important…

Things are better than they’ve ever been. Finally, *finally*… we get to spend some time together on our own terms. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: this is the first time we’ll have spent more than a couple hours physically together on consecutive days, ever, out of our entire 5+ year history. Pretty amazing. All I ever wanted was a chance… a chance to spend some time, be together, make her happy, just see how things work out… have a great time, enjoy each other’s company… you know, the usual :) It couldn’t happen, for one reason or another, until… tomorrow :) This is a dream come true, and for a guy like me without a great deal of direction in life (going where the wind blows me, as it were…), this is pretty heavy. And the surrounding details are totally in place, too… We’ve got a nice place to chill at in bradenton; of course my very good friends nico and steph are waiting anxiously for my arrival… it’ll be great to hang with them; I just got paid; I’ve got a cell phone now; been burning cds to take with me and enjoy with her… all in all, I’m pretty well equipped personally to make this a most excellent trip… and, best of all, I feel goddamn fantastic! The anticipation is palpable… I mean, this is something I’ve been looking forward to for 5 years… it was always just tucked away in the back of my mind… “someday”… I knew it would come, but I was kinda never expecting it any time soon… but it’s finally here!!!!! *shivers with delight*.

I feel so loved. Not just by her, either. Things have been quite active here at blackmagiclabs… lots of change and lots of really really good vibes all around. I feel like I’m in the right place at the right time, doing the right stuff. A heartfelt shout-out to all my friends here that have wished me well, and have me in their thoughts… thanks a bunch all, and I look forward to seeing you when I get back (it’s my understanding that I’ll return just in time for a gathering…).

I’ll have limited internet access while I’m away (was actually considering buying an ibook before I left…), though I don’t expect to be spending lots of time surfing the cyberweb, or checking up on my bitches

Okay, well… I think that’s about it :) See you when I get back :)

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    hehe…hope things are wonderful!!!

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