Ice Weasels?

14:57 < sky> debian forked firefox? haha
15:00 -!- PowerUser [i=hollandp@nat/apple/x-c57695efe759d747] has quit ["Fly 
          the white flag of war!"]
15:21 < dre^> lol, why?
15:24 < johnny-o> the inability to modify the artwork, if you can actually 
                  believe that
15:24 < dre^> LOL
15:24 < dre^> I can believe it, actually :)
15:24 < johnny-o>
15:24 < dre^> hopefully they'll keep their changes limited to art...
15:24 < johnny-o> nope!
15:24 < johnny-o> they already blew that one :)
15:25 < dre^> I will say that IceWeasel is a great name
15:26 < johnny-o> as far as tongue-in-cheek unixy names go, definitely
15:26 < dre^> "Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly 
              it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels 
              come. -- Matt Groening, "Life in Hell"
15:26 < dre^> I suspect that is the real reference
15:26 < dre^> as opposed to a silly pun on firefox ;)
15:27 < johnny-o> i assumed something like fire/ice and fox/weasel
15:28 < dre^> yeah, but that's the obvious one
15:28 < dre^> gotta aim for obscure with the obvious fallback, so there can 
              still be an 'in' crowd ;)
15:29 < johnny-o> of course!
15:29 < dre^> plus the metaphor is more fun if you try to map the software 
              development process to that groening quote...
15:32 < dre^> where software development is love, the tundra is the open source 
              community, firefox is the snowmobile, 'non-free software' causes 
              the flip and subsequent pin... now you feel trapped! you can't 
              move the snowmobile enough to, say, apply a fancy decal on it...
15:32 < dre^> hence iceweasels
15:33 < johnny-o> i like that much better, actually

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