Why I closed my facebook account

I’m writing this so I have something to link to, so I don’t have to keep answering the question over and over.

Starting yesterday, I began to receive emails from various facebook friends, wherein they warned me that perhaps my fb account had been hacked. It seems my fb friends were getting invites for a ‘free ipad’ from me. I don’t have any way to tell whether my account has actually been hacked, but I was able to log in with my current password, change the password, and then disable the account.

I’ve seen this kind of thing before from other users… legit-looking invites that are probably faked somehow. I don’t really know, don’t really care, except that facebook has just become more trouble than it’s worth. I now retreat to platforms where messages are not sent on my behalf, ever. Feel free to follow me via Twitter @GuacamoleQueen. You can find my generic, life-oriented musings here: http://dreness.com

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