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Hey, another wiki. Great!

Here, you will find things. You may notice that anonymous edits are firmly DISABLED. Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT. I am intentionally destroying the communal benefits that wiki was designed to provide. Why? I friggin hate spam, and my two previous wikis were consumed by friggin spambots. You may also notice that you can't create a user account. COPE! :) If you really want to contribute, please mail me at, and I'd be more than happy to let you in.

UPDATE: Even this one got spam-bombed. Note to self: use of 'one-click upgrades' are unlikely to migrate configuration file directives when the syntax changes.

Here is the page of User:Dre, your esteemed information broker.

You may want to scope my other, less sandbox-like presence:

Mac OS X

Parallels - Wrangling virtual machines!

Cool Apps - A list of applications that I've found useful / cool

TigerPage - This stuff is all specific to Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger. Some items discussed here:

  • launchd
  • dummynet


IT Stuff

I once maintained a FreeBSD box in colo. Check out the page of meta, where I have notes and instructions for the various services I was running.

Rebuilding floe from OpenBSD to FreeBSD.

Mac OS X Server stuff.

Net SNMP items.

Scripting / Development

Scripting - Here's where I keep a bunch of scripting snippets / examples. This includes:

  • Basic shell scripting idioms (tests, loops, redirection)
  • zsh profile elements
  • AppleScript Droplet example
  • Perl scripts

Useful Commands - Some useful and often Mac OS X specific commands. So far:

  • Using dd to rescue data from a dying disk
  • Encypted and growable disk images
  • perl one-liner for global find / replace
  • finding the input device idle time from ioreg


php in OS X

bugzilla in OS X

phpbb in OS X

rrdtool builds without error in 10.3.9

(old) Panther DNS Issues

Installing and using unix software in userland

How to make and apply patches

How to compile other software using Macports libraries

Quick Reference Pages

irssi screen X11 q3 color escape sequences mysql wow CPAN notes wikimedia security notes vi apache iphone gnuplot

Network Stuff

  • iTunes Remote Streaming details the process for using iTunes music sharing across a WAN.
  • AS / Routing Research includes information about determining the number of discrete logical paths in and out of an Autonomous System (AS)
  • TCP Timeouts shows some sysctl configuration for adjusting TCP window sizes.
  • xinetd, ssh and netcat is a xinetd configuration example showing how to use xinetd to trigger ssh / netcat on demand to encrypt pop3 traffic.

... and then of course, the requisite links to the mediawiki docs, hosted at wikipedia:

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.