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Help files

To get your help directory to be built with an xcode target:

  • Place all your help files into a specific directory. Place the directory in your xcode project folder.
  • Modify the Info.plist of your project to add a couple keys that call out the directory you just created
<string>Directory Bridge Help</string>
<string>Directory Bridge Help</string>
  • Drag the help folder from the Finder into the XCode "Groups & Files" list, directly beneath your main project icon.
  • Drag the help folder icon in the XCode "Groups & Files" list into the "Copy Bundle Resources" build phase, under "Targets --> Project"

UPDATE A helpful reader emailed me the following:

Under the current XCode (2.4.1), the process for adding help is apparently more complicated than the steps you list. First, easily found, is the need to add one or more meta tags, especially the AppleTitle one. But the way in which the help folder is added to the project has apparently changed from your version. Here is the process from "quickies for xcode":

Drag the AppName Help directory into your XCode project. When Adding, make sure "Copy items into destination group's folder" is unchecked, and select "Create Folder References for any add folders". You want XCode to preserve your AppName Help directory.

The critical thing is the "create folder references". Once the file is added, there now is no need to separately add the file to the copy bundle resources.