PII 350

So I'd been using this box as a quasi-wintendo. This was actually the first computer I used when I moved into this appartment with eJoe, since I didn't yet have my mac. It performed admirably running StarCraft and putty, which is all I ever used it f or once I got my mac. After installing the mac version of StarCraft, I finally realized that I no longer needed it running windoze. In a burst of orgasmic pleasure, I downloaded a debian ISO, and proceeded to convert this little box into something far mor e useful. And thus, spud was born. His main purpose is as yet undetermined; I just wanted to have a real bona-fide linux box to play with; a box where, for example, I face none of the problems with a beta OS (macosx) or none of the idiosyncrasies that som e *nix software exhibits on ppc hardare (core). Besides, we have 4 ips... and it was constantly nagging at me that we weren't using them all ;-)

Spud performed admirably at my appartment on Aurora as a shellbox for myself and some friends. Shortly before I left that appartment, I started the process of adding another drive to him, but never finished it. He came down when we left the DSL pipe we had, and I never brought him back online after that. He came down to the BVI with me, but never found any use since we already had a bunch of linux boxes. Whilst organizing my stuff for a return voyage from the BVI, I decided to jetison Spud, so I took his drives and left everything else. He was left with a bunch of other misc. stuff for our friend Bruce who lives up the hill from where our house was. Bruce was kind enough to let us leech off his dsl via a wireless link to his place, so the least we could do was leave him with some equipment.

Several weeks after I returned to Seattle, my stuff made the trip here from Ft Lauderdale, which is where it came off the boat from the BVI. In addition to Wednesday's case (a box which has a decent history in our little geek family), I found that there was apparently another box packed in with my stuff... so one day I decided to give it a whirl... It had win98 installed on it, and after substituting the cd-rom for wednesday's cd-rom, was a fully functional unit. I then promptly installed Debian, and now here he is. He's the fastest linux box I've ever owned... more than adaquate for what I use him for. Once I settle into my next appartment / get dsl, I'll probably open him back up to the people that used to have accounts on Spud.
OS Debian 2.2
Kernel Linux 2.2.17


PII 350
RAM 384 MB
Drives 6 GB ATA
PCI some sound card action
some kind of video card 3Com nic
Monitor KVM'd to my 19 when I need it

Change log
  • January 10, 2001 - Spud is born!
  • February 12, 2001 - Added 4 GB drive. Thanks eJoe :)
  • Sometime in mid 2001 - Spud is shut down when I moved out of my apt on aurora
  • February 2002 - Spud's drives are removed, and he is jetisoned in a small shack atop the second highest hill in the BVI
  • April 6, 2002 - Spud 2.0 is born from a box that came back with me from the BVI (not really sure where it came from).
  • Feb 19, 2003 - Sometime many months ago, I found out where Spud 2.0 came from. It was Brian's workstation :/. The bad news is that I didn't know this before reformating him and erasing a bunch of his data. Ouch. sorry :(. Anyway, since then, Brian has reclaimed him, so Spud is no more.

Spud doesn't run any sort of window manager for me, so there's not much to look at except for his stats.

Here's Spud's old page.