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08:35 <@dre^^> Okay, transcript is enabled!. Good morning from cupertino! Keynote should start in 
about 25 minutes...
08:49 <@dre^^> People are filing into the atrium of valley green to watch the live stream... still 
plenty of seats left. Looks like I got here way too early :)
08:50 <@dre^^> live video feed starts... watching people herd into the top floor of moscone
08:54 <@dre^^> lol, somebody zoomed into some dude's sidekick... can almost see what he's typing
08:57 -!- dre^^ changed the topic of #macworld-keynote to: Live MacWorld '06 Coverage! -=- 
08:58 <@dre^^> Al Gore has arrived
08:59 <@dre^^> Camera men taking pictures of each other en masse...
09:00 <@dre^^> PA at moscone providing the typical herding directions...
09:04 <@dre^^> crowd is settling...
09:05 <@dre^^> video bug: "program about to begin"
09:07 <@dre^^> copyright notice appears
09:07 <@dre^^> music fades, SJ appears
09:07 <@dre^^> black tutle neck, jeans :)
09:07 <@dre^^> starting with retail update...
09:08 <@dre^^> 135 apple retail stores now...
09:08 <@dre^^> last quarter, 26 million visitors during holida quarter
09:08 <@dre^^> retail stores had first billion dollar quarter
09:09 <@dre^^> (revenue)
09:09 <@dre^^> overall apple revenue for last quarter: 5.7 billion
09:09 <@dre^^> 'one for the record books'
09:10 <@dre^^> next: iPod / music
09:10 <@dre^^> providing product line rehash...
09:10 <@dre^^> 4.5 million ipods during 04 holiday quarter...
09:11 <@dre^^> last quarter ipod sales? SJ plays guessing game
09:11 <@dre^^> 14 million ipods last quarter!
09:11 <@dre^^> (hot damn)
09:11 <@dre^^> "and it still wasn't enough"
09:11 <@dre^^> ipod sales graph, slope is still rising
09:12 <@dre^^> next: update on itunes
09:12 <@dre^^> songs purchased: 850 million songs via itms
09:12 <@dre^^> should hit 1 bil over next few months
09:12 <@dre^^> selling at the rate of 3 million per day
09:12 <@dre^^> 83% of market share
09:13 <@dre^^> "showing off some new keynote features here, too" (referring to
09:13 <@dre^^> mentioning tv shows...
09:13 <@dre^^> 8 million video sales via itms
09:14 <@dre^^> recently added football bowl games... showing clips
09:14 <@dre^^> SJ waits for applause and gets it
09:15 <@dre^^> saturday night live content coming today
09:15 <@dre^^> showing clips... 'samurai delicatessen"
09:15 <@dre^^> "the coneheads at home"
09:15 <@dre^^> blues brothers clip...
09:16 <@dre^^> good applause for that stuff
09:16 <@dre^^> available today
09:16 <@dre^^> new ipod accessory: remote control + FM tuner
09:16 <@dre^^> clip-on style, like the old remote, slightly larger... controlls look similar to 
ipod shuffle
09:17 <@dre^^> radio menu appears on the ipod, UI looks nice
09:17 <@dre^^> on sale today
09:17 <@dre^^> chrystler announced ipod integration, in 2006, over 40% of cars sold in us will 
offer ipod integration
09:18 <@dre^^> new ipod ad.
09:18 <@dre^^> mentiones the wynton marsalis appearance
09:18 <@dre^^> woot! new add is a marsalis add (+ his quartet)
09:19 <@dre^^> very classy, of course those guys are totally smokin... hot stuff!
09:19 <@dre^^> music update ends...
09:19 <@dre^^> 'rest of the day talking about the mac!'
09:19 <@dre^^> aperture rehash
09:20 <@dre^^> showing aperture video clips (marketing video)
09:20 <@dre^^> gush gush gush :)
09:21 <@dre^^> wedding photos, wee
09:21 <@dre^^> "the speed...."
09:22 <@dre^^> now it's a sports photog doingn the gushing
09:23 <@dre^^> showing off white balance controlls, loupe... nothing new
09:23 <@dre^^> aperture video ends
09:23 <@dre^^> next: widgets
09:24 <@dre^^> 1500 widgets available
09:24 <@dre^^> new apple widgets today
09:24 <@dre^^> google widget
09:24 <@dre^^> new address book widget
09:24 <@dre^^> ski / snow conditions
09:25 <@dre^^> calendar, white pages, espn sports widgets for scores and what-have-yous...
09:25 <@dre^^> 10.4.4 released today contains new widgets
09:25 <@dre^^> next: iLife
09:25 <@dre^^> digital lifestyle rehash
09:26 <@dre^^> today: iLife '06 intro
09:26 <@dre^^> "a giant new release"
09:26 <@dre^^> iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garage Band, iTunes
09:26 <@dre^^> iPhoto update: "incredibly fast"
09:27 <@dre^^> prior release had 25k limit... now, 250k limit
09:27 <@dre^^> "scrolls like butter"
09:27 <@dre^^> full screen editing
09:27 <@dre^^> little controll bar slides up from bottom, slider view falls in from top
09:28 <@dre^^> similar to quicktime 7 pro fullscreen UI style
09:28 <@dre^^> one-click effects
09:28 <@dre^^> canned effects
09:28 <@dre^^> similar to photoshop effects preview browser thingy (I forget what it's called)
09:29 <@dre^^> new cards / calendars / dramatically better books
09:29 <@dre^^> new printing, much higher quality
09:29 <@dre^^> hard / soft cover books
09:29 <@dre^^> calendars looks nice
09:29 <@dre^^> can add photos to dates
09:29 <@dre^^> also new: cards
09:30 <@dre^^> also postcards
09:30 <@dre^^> simple, look decent
09:30 <@dre^^> "photocasting"
09:30 <@dre^^> podcasting for photos
09:30 <@dre^^> oh boy, a new buzzword...
09:31 <@dre^^> automatically links itunes db to an online distribution scheme of some sort
09:31 <@dre^^> automatically can upload new photos to .Mac... provides access controlls
09:31 <@dre^^> publish / subscribe model
09:31 <@dre^^> subscribed albums appear in source list of subscribers
09:32 <@dre^^> all photo syncing is done in background
09:32 <@dre^^> no copyright restrictions on subscribed photos
09:32 <@dre^^> as functional as locally added photos
09:33 <@dre^^> must be a .mac member to publish, but any RSS client can subscribe!
09:33 <@dre^^> "you don't even need a mac"
09:33 <@dre^^> demo
09:33 <@dre^^> "I've only got 25k photos in here..."
09:33 <@dre^^> shows full screen editing
09:34 <@dre^^> shows adjustments palate... reminds me of aperture overlays sorta
09:35 <@dre^^> demos card making
09:35 <@dre^^> nice picture adjustments within card templates
09:35 <@dre^^> looks like there are about a dozen themes
09:35 <@dre^^> demoing calendar creation
09:36 <@dre^^> can show holidays from everywhere
09:36 <@dre^^> can manually place pictures, or 'auto-flow'
09:36 <@dre^^> similar to books UI
09:36 <@dre^^> can drag pictures onto calendar dates
09:37 <@dre^^> next: photocasting
09:37 <@dre^^> "photos for grandma"
09:37 <@dre^^> select an album, click photocast button... choose size settings... decide on auto 
update or not, access control or not
09:37 <@dre^^> pushes to .mac, provides announcement URL
09:38 <@dre^^> fast user switches to grandma's account
09:38 <@dre^^> email shows up, clicks link, launches iphoto, subscribes, downloads photos, photos 
09:38 <@dre^^> grandma makes a card from subscribed photo
09:38 <@dre^^> switches back to main account...
09:39 <@dre^^> deletes some pictures... adds new puppy pictures
09:39 <@dre^^> switchews back to grandma
09:39 <@dre^^> he manually checks, all updates are synced
09:39 <@dre^^> looks nice
09:39 <@dre^^> iphoto demo ends
09:40 <@dre^^> next: iMovie
09:40 <@dre^^> rehash of HD addition to imovie last year
09:40 <@dre^^> new: animated themes
09:40 <@dre^^> realtime effects, new audio tools, new sound effects, multiple open projects, export 
to ipod
09:40 <@dre^^> video podcasts
09:41 <@dre^^> demo time
09:41 <@dre^^> animated themes demo
09:41 <@dre^^> has drop zones... similar to iDVD animated themes, but definitely next-gen looking
09:42 <@dre^^> really nice motion characteristics
09:42 <@dre^^> demos an imovie
09:42 <@dre^^> wow, quite nice
09:42 <@dre^^> very professional looking
09:43 <@dre^^> it's an italian vacation, using what looks like a travel theme
09:43 <@dre^^> nice applause for that
09:43 <@dre^^> demos other themes
09:44 <@dre^^> the theme elemnts are video segments that contain smaller views of video clips, 
great for intercutting with full screenclips
09:45 <@dre^^> with nice panning / zooming across multiple clips in the theme views
09:45 <@dre^^> motion characteristics are great.
09:45 <@dre^^> next: iDVD
09:45 <@dre^^> widescreen menus
09:45 <@dre^^> "magic iDVD"
09:46 <@dre^^> pick a theme, drop the movies in, or photos, or both...
09:46 <@dre^^> auto-creates everything
09:46 <@dre^^> new themes, improved slide shows, enhanced map views
09:46 -!- Magic_Al is now known as Magic_iDVD
09:46 <@dre^^> support 3rd party burners!!!!
09:46 <@dre^^> next: garage band
09:46 <@dre^^> focusing on: podcast studio
09:47 <@dre^^> added podcast artwork track, 200 sound effects, 100 jingles
09:47 <@dre^^> ducking effects
09:47 <@dre^^> (useful for lowering volume of sound to leave room for voice)
09:47 <@dre^^> speach enhancer for recording speach
09:47 <@dre^^> iChat for remote interviews!
09:47 <@dre^^> recorded right into garage band
09:48 <@dre^^> demo time
09:48 <@dre^^> lays down an audio track...
09:48 <@dre^^> records some speach... "super secrete apple rumors"
09:48 <@dre^^> the laughter throws him off
09:48 <@dre^^> starts over
09:49 <@dre^^> ".. featuring the hottest rumors on our favorite companny..."
09:49 <@dre^^> "the next ipod will be HUGE! an eight pounder with a ten inch screen..."
09:49 <@dre^^> drags artwork in
09:49 <@dre^^> (from iphoto media browser, built in to GB)
09:50 <@dre^^> can add multiple images, they are time synced just like any other track type
09:50 <@dre^^> plays it back, artwork updates during playback
09:50 <@dre^^> goes to add a music track
09:51 <@dre^^> picks one of the included jingles
09:51 <@dre^^> drags it into track 3
09:51 <@dre^^> plays back
09:51 <@dre^^> automatically ducks jingle audio
09:51 <@dre^^> tries a different track, previews it again
09:52 <@dre^^> very quick and easy
09:52 <@dre^^> nice demo, good applause
09:52 <@dre^^> new jam packs
09:52 <@dre^^> world music jam pack
09:53 <@dre^^> (just one new one I guess)
09:53 <@dre^^> more ilife rehash
09:53 <@dre^^> lots of hand motions :)
09:53 <@dre^^> 'increasingly, we want to share over the internet..."
09:53 <@dre^^> talkes about wanting ot build web pages
09:53 <@dre^^> introducing new iLife app
09:54 -!- iNerd is now known as iWeb
09:54 <@dre^^> allows sharing of photos, movies, podcasts, music...
09:54 <@dre^^> iWeb
09:54 <@dre^^> shows 4-square of Ugle, Beautiful on top, Easy , Hard on left
09:54 <@dre^^> Ugly
09:55 <@dre^^> other products are easy / ugly or hard / beautiful (according to SJ at least ;)
09:55 <@dre^^> we aim to be easy and beautiful
09:55 <@dre^^> apple templates, media browser, online photo albums, blogs and podcasts, one-click 
09:56 <@dre^^> still showing keynote slides of iWeb
09:56 <@dre^^> ui looks pretty simple
09:56 <@dre^^> very uncluttered
09:56 <@dre^^> otto-matically uploaded to .mac
09:56 <@dre^^> AJAX photo vewier
09:57 <@dre^^> RSS subsciptions of course
09:57 <@dre^^> itunes podcast subscriptions
09:57 <@dre^^> iWeb demo time
09:57 <@dre^^> picks the 'modern' theme
09:57 <@dre^^> pulls up media browser... similar to other iLife apps
09:58 <@dre^^> inspector pallete similar to keynote
09:58 <@dre^^> everything is drag and drop, wysiwyg, nice photo masking, rotation
09:58 <@dre^^> adds music
09:58 <@dre^^> (die!)
09:59 <@dre^^> oh wait, no... just links to itms for songs
09:59 <@dre^^> no audio on the page
09:59 <@dre^^> drags a photo album, all photos appear, rearranges
09:59 <@dre^^> themes looks nice
09:59 <@dre^^> drags a photo album icon to the top, creates link to published photocast
09:59 <@dre^^> (presumably it was a published album)
10:00 <@dre^^> more tweaking, flurry of drag and drops, annotations...
10:00 <@dre^^> all the rss / subscription details are completely hidden from ther
10:01 <@dre^^> adds a podcast
10:01 <@dre^^> switches back to garage band, 'send podcast to iWeb', GB mixes down, adds artwork 
tracks, feeds to iWeb... "blog or podcast?"
10:01 <@dre^^> chooses podcast, appears in iWeb
10:02 <@dre^^> clicks publish, pushes to .mac
10:02 <@dre^^> waitig on .mac
10:02 -!- iWeb is now known as iNerd
10:02 <@dre^^> progresss bar is moving
10:02 <@dre^^> and it's done... took maybe 20 - 30 seconds
10:02 <@dre^^> views in safari, looks great. demos itms links
10:03 <@dre^^> clicks some pop music, immediately stops preview with "ok thank you"
10:03 <@dre^^> shows full-screen photo viewer (ajax), looks great
10:03 <@dre^^> demos photocast subscription
10:03 <@dre^^> switches to a blog page he made...
10:04 <@dre^^> subscribes to blog via rss
10:04 <@dre^^> views the podcast entry
10:04 <@dre^^> subscribes to podcast via itunes
10:04 <@dre^^> this is all very nice and easy... everything is integrated and talking to each other
10:05 <@dre^^> iweb demo ends, nice applause
10:05 <@dre^^> back to slides... shows morem themes
10:05 <@dre^^> (more)
10:05 <@dre^^> iweb is the 6th iLife app... iLife remains at $79
10:06 <@dre^^> available today
10:06 <@dre^^> and a $99 family pack, with 5 seats
10:06 <@dre^^> free on all new macs
10:06 <@dre^^> talking about integratio of .mac sync
10:06 <@dre^^> over 1 million .mac subscribers now
10:07 <@dre^^> iWork update: new version, keynote and pages
10:07 <@dre^^> 3d charts, advanged image editing, image reflections, freeform shapes nad masks, 
tables with calculations
10:07 <@dre^^> new themes / templates
10:08 <@dre^^> iWork: $79, avail today... also $99 family pack, 30 free trial on new macs
10:08 <@dre^^> 30 day free trial
10:08 <@dre^^> next: let's talk about the computer systems themselves
10:08 <@dre^^> product sales rehash
10:08 <@dre^^> sales growth through the year
10:09 <@dre^^> rehash intel switch
10:09 <@dre^^> said they'd be shipping by june at WWDC last year
10:09 <@dre^^> smoke comes in from stage left
10:09 <@dre^^> intel 'burning man' appears in fire suit
10:09 <@dre^^> it's Al Gore?
10:09 <@dre^^> no
10:10 <@dre^^> it's the ceo of intel
10:10 <@dre^^> carrying a big silicone wafer
10:10 <@dre^^> "intel is ready" sj: "apple is ready too"
10:10 <@dre^^> they thank each other
10:10 <@dre^^> french kissing ensues
10:11 <@dre^^> people throw their underwear on stage
10:11 <@dre^^> (ok ok, sorry)
10:11 <@dre^^> intel ceo exits
10:12 <@piston> dre^^++
10:12 <@dre^^> first mac witih intel processor: today!
10:12 <@dre^^> grand pause...
10:12 <@dre^^> iMac!
10:12 <@dre^^> rehash imac features... video cam, front row...
10:13 <@dre^^> reviewer quotes...
10:13 <@dre^^> mossberg
10:13 <@dre^^> "it's the gold standard of desktop PCs"
10:13 <@dre^^> (historical note: mossberg was not always keen on apple. --dre)
10:13 <@dre^^> same size offerings
10:13 <@dre^^> same design
10:14 <@dre^^> same features
10:14 <@dre^^> same price
10:14 <@dre^^> so... "what's different?"
10:14 <@dre^^> "two to three times faster than the imac g5"
10:14 <@dre^^> hooting and hollering
10:14 <@dre^^> "intel core duo chip"
10:14 <@dre^^> dual core, 2 MB l2 cache
10:15 <@dre^^> each core is faster than the g5
10:15 <@dre^^> number charts...
10:15 <@dre^^> compareing 2.3 g5 and new imac
10:15 <@dre^^> spec 2000 int: imac g5: 10.2, new one: 32.6
10:15 <@dre^^> (jesus)
10:15 <@dre^^> using the best compilers on each
10:15 <@dre^^> floatingn point: 13.0 on g5, 27.1 on core duo
10:16 <@dre^^> 3.2x for int, 2.1x on floating point
10:16 <@dre^^> every imac is now dual core
10:16 <@dre^^> ... "it's the software too..."
10:16 <@dre^^> 10.4.4 is entirely native, including all apple apps
10:16 <@dre^^> (for x86)
10:17 <@dre^^> everything apple builds is built universale, for both architectures (ppc and x86)
10:17 <@dre^^> new ilife and iwork are universal
10:17 <@dre^^> all demos were done on new imac
10:17 <@dre^^> pro apps will be ready by march
10:17 <@dre^^> final cut, aperture, logic pro
10:18 <@dre^^> cross upgrade for universal build: $49
10:18 <@dre^^> (if you have ppc version)
10:18 <@dre^^> quark announces Quark Express universal build
10:19 <@dre^^> talks about rosetta for non-native apps
10:19 <@dre^^> oh no
10:19 <@dre^^> that ho
10:19 <@dre^^> ros ho to be exact, the microsoftie
10:20 <@dre^^> bad joke, nobody laughs
10:20 <@dre^^> (roz's bad joke, I mean ;)
10:20 <@dre^^> rehash mac business unit progress
10:20 <@dre^^> talking about making sure things work well in rosetta
10:20 <@piston> I don't think dre realizes he's on metafilter and a buncha other shit
10:21 <@dre^^> yeah, I do... I'm watching the hit counter ;)
10:21 <@dre^^> addingn sync services to Office
10:21 <@dre^^> updates avail. in march from MS
10:22 <@dre^^> announces office for mac for at least next 5 years
10:22 <@dre^^> (MS committment to the platform, etc)
10:23 <@dre^^> "we're in it for the long term"
10:23 <@dre^^> SJ is back
10:23 <@dre^^> more demo time
10:23 <@dre^^> closes safari, launches MS Word
10:24 <@dre^^> launches pretty fast, scrolls through doc witih lots of images... video performance 
looks decent
10:24 <@dre^^> launches photoshop
10:24 <@dre^^> still launching...
10:24 <@dre^^> done
10:24 <@dre^^> opens big image file
10:24 <@dre^^> "let's rock and roll here"
10:24 <@dre^^> kicks off action script
10:25 <@dre^^> I have no frame of reference, but looks decent
10:25 <@dre^^> perf is "not going to be strong enough for pros" under rosetta
10:25 <@dre^^> showing off safari
10:25 <@dre^^> pages load quite fast
10:26 <@dre^^> rehashes two imac models
10:26 <@dre^^> new video... radeon x1500
10:26 <@dre^^> shipping today!
10:27 <@dre^^> more rehash
10:27 <@dre^^> entire product line of macs to transition this year
10:27 <@dre^^> new tv advertisment, he plays it
10:27 <@dre^^> "the intel chip... for years, it's been trapped in PCs..."
10:28 <@dre^^> nice ad, lots of applause
10:28 <@dre^^> still applauding, heh
10:28 <@dre^^> SJ is glad we like it
10:28 <@dre^^> "this is what we're up to today..."
10:29 <@dre^^> "but there is one more thing..."
10:29 <@dre^^> "there's been this pesky little problem of the powerbooks..."
10:29 <@dre^^> "it's not a secret tha twe've been trying to shoe-horn a g5 into a pb, but have been 
unable to do so due to power consumption"
10:29 <@dre^^> "hav consuled every possible source" (photo of pope)
10:29 <@dre^^> it's about performane per watt
10:30 <@dre^^> graph of perf per watt, of g4, g5, intel core dueo
10:30 <@dre^^> g4: .27 (not sure what unit)
10:30 <@dre^^> g5: .23
10:30 <@dre^^> core duo: 1.05
10:30 <@dre^^> new notebook: MacBook Pro
10:31 <@dre^^> new name, cause we're kinda done with power
10:31 <@dre^^> each macbook is dual core
10:31 <@dre^^> "what does this yield?"
10:31 <@dre^^> "4-5x faster than the powerbook g4"
10:31 <@dre^^> "let's take a look at hte numbers"
10:31 <@dre^^> similar slide to imac comparison
10:32 <@dre^^> integer: g4 6.7, new one 30.3
10:32 <@dre^^> floading: 4.9 for g4, 25.6 for macbook
10:32 <@dre^^> (floating)
10:32 <@dre^^> fastest and thinnest ever
10:32 <@dre^^> 15.4 inch widescreen as bright as cinema displays
10:33 <@dre^^> and, built in camera
10:33 <@dre^^> at top of lid, near latch
10:33 <@dre^^> demo time!
10:33 <@dre^^> "let's see now... who could I call... oh there's Phil!"
10:33 <@dre^^> case design is similar to existing albooks
10:34 <@dre^^> phil is in the audience with a macbook
10:34 <@dre^^> phil stands up
10:34 <@dre^^> he spins around and 'the world revolves around me'
10:34 <@dre^^> another new feature: IR sensor, + remote, front row!
10:35 <@dre^^> new feature: MagSafe
10:35 <@dre^^> talks about how it sucks to have your power cord kicked
10:35 <@dre^^> power connector is now magnetic!
10:35 <@dre^^> (that's awesome)
10:36 <@dre^^> can kick it out without damaging anything, patent pending
10:36 <@dre^^> 5.6 pounds
10:36 <@dre^^> feature rehash... isight, front row, magsafe, backlit keyboard, light sensor, 
scrolling trackpad, sudden motion sensor (for disk protection), dvi video out, drives 30" displays
10:36 <@dre^^> optical and analog audioi in / out
10:37 <@dre^^> offered in two models
10:37 <@dre^^> $1999 for 1.67 GHz, 557 fsb, 80 GB, 512 MB, radeon 1600
10:37 <@dre^^> 'toof, airport express slot
10:37 <@dre^^> (667 fsb)
10:37 <@dre^^> $2499, 1.83
10:37 <@dre^^> tha slide was up for like 2 seconds
10:37 <@dre^^> shipping in February
10:38 <@dre^^> SJ would like you to pre-order now
10:38 <@dre^^> macbook pro rehash... product transition rehash
10:38 <@dre^^> rolls intel ad again
10:38 <@dre^^> "... inside dull little boxes, performing dull little tasks... when it could be 
doing so much more"
10:39 <@dre^^> SJ calls for round of applause for new product engineers
10:40 <@dre^^> also would like to recognize intel friends, another round of applause
10:40 <@dre^^> "one last thing..."
10:40 <@dre^^> photo of SJ and woz, old school
10:40 <@dre^^> 30 year aniversary this coming april fools day
10:41 <@dre^^> (of apple computer)
10:41 <@dre^^> SJ wraps up... thanks and thanks!
10:41 <@dre^^> keynote ends! thanks for watching :)keynote ends!
10:41 <@dre^^> erp
10:41 <@dre^^> bye all :)