Hi, I’m Andre, of if you’re west-cool, Dre – not cause I care, it just happened that way. This was my geeky web log. I made it so as to not completely bore my normal friends with ‘that computer stuff’ on my primary blog, which was a LiveJournal, but that one eventually died off (with most of my social life? hmm…), so then I imported the LJ content into this one, and… so now there’s just this one :)

I do OS X / OS X Server for a living, and in general have performed a variety of operations / integration / training / writing roles in this field. Also I’m something of a creative enthusiast, and enjoy media production of just about any kind, but especially music and video. I tend to be more contemplative than productive these days, but occasionally I’ll produce something that can be saved. Also, I will challenge anyone to Quake3 / QuakeLive, and I will expertly heal your WoW raid. Musically, I’m centered somewhere around the intersection of Frank Zappa, Aphex Twin, and Stan Getz :) Bye!

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